MizzThai Review

MizzThai Review

With snazzier looks than most of its peers and its core focus on female travel companions, mizzthai.com provides something different from traditional dating sites. You can tell this site is solid right away thanks to the abundance of content on its home page that clearly outlines what the sight is all about without any confusion or pretenses.


While the mizzthai.com site has both desktop and mobile versions, signing up on the site is a bit easier on a PC or laptop due to a large number of fields you have to fill up. And though the site claims to be 100% free, it’s actually not as you still need to upgrade to a premium account for access to all the site features.


Once you hit Signup on mizzthai.com which is in English by default, there is a 2-step registration form that needs to be filled. On the first page, you have to fill out 6 fields, with a mandatory email address field. The second step of the registration form is a bit longer as this double as your profile information page so you need to fill in all the standard profile detail fields starting age, weight to career and personal preferences. Something I really appreciated about the process was was that at no point the registration asks for your real name.


Since this is a companionship site as opposed to a dating site or escort site, one unique option that you’ll have to choose during the registration is how much are you willing to bear for the trip with 3 options; you pay for the trip, she pays for the trip or both of you split the cost 50/50.

Once you log in to your profile, you’ll be greeted with a very smartly designed profile Homepage that’s really cool to look at. You have your standard navigation bar at the top with the Home, Create and Find Travel Plans, Gold, My Holiday Offers and the Search tab. Below it is an interactive chat box that shows all current members online stacked like a deck of cards from both sides. Below it is there are 2 sections; one that shows which members viewed you recently and another one for a Quick Search.

The My Holiday Offers tab on the navigation bar functions similar to the Interest section of most dating sites, but instead of chicks looking for a quick fling here, you will find messages from women interested in traveling with you. Once you upgrade to Gold membership, you can respond to these offers as well as create your own travel plans from Create and Find Travels page selectable from the navigation tab.


The Explorer membership upgrade (Men only) is reasonably priced with 3 payment options for 12-months, 6-months and 1-month periods. The prices on these options drop when you go for the more long-term upgrade options.


This is a very unique sight which I would definitely recommend. The content and verification procedures are solid so you should find little to no fake profiles here.