ThaidateVIP Review

ThaidateVIP Review

While there are a lot of Thai dating sites in English to promote intercultural dating between Thai beauties and English speakers, rarely do you see a Thai site with French user interaction in mind. Thai Date VIP bridges this gap by most probably being the only standardized Thai dating site present with French as its primary interface language.

While the initiative is commendable, they still have a lot of website optimization to do as at present it looks quite incomplete. Since it’s recently launched it’s currently vying to increase membership through free subscriptions. All basic communication features are available and you can send messages or chat with anyone that you want to. They genuinely seem to be interested in gathering a solid user base as signup requires email verification from the user.

The signup form for Thai Date VIP is split into 2 pages and hard to miss as the first form is on the home page and requires only 3 fields to be filled up; user gender, email address, and password. Once you’re done with the Homepage field, you’ll be taken into a second page that also doubles as your profile information including minute fields for physical details, preferences and matchup settings. Once you’re done with this page, you’ll be required to confirm your signup by an email link which will then take you to the profile homepage.

As mentioned before, the interface is a bit confusing due to lack of any clear panel design on your profile homepage once you’re logged in with search, profile editing and members available for chat sections being a bit hard to spot as the site currently has a pink on white-background UIX that’s a bit difficult to go through. The core site interface has a lot of room for improvement.

Though the websites seem to be under construction, the core design is organized despite the lack of an appealing UIX design and comfort. Profile information can be easily edited in the My Personal Space section below the navigation bar consisting to check Mailbox, view Favorites lists, add photo and information sections. Below the My Personal Space Section is the Online Section where current site members available for a chat can be seen to start a conversation. Needless to say, a paid subscription is needed to interact with other members.

Thai date VIP only has one default paid membership option that comes with three types of subscriptions- 6 months, 3 months and 1 month. All messaging and chat options become available to members once subscribed. The 6 months membership is the most cost-efficient membership option among all three.


While the site seems solid enough, I would wait a bit before the looks and interface of the site improves a bit to find some quality Thai beauties among the site’s members. Unless you’re French, you might consider creating an account for this dating site a few months down the line.