ThaiFlirting Review

ThaiFlirting Review

Thai Flirting is on its way to becoming one of the mainstream Thai dating sites on the online dating scenario. Smart site design, intuitive UI and a helpful support team have made this site an enjoyable user experience for foreigners a well as locals. With the number of signups on the rise, this looks to be a very promising dating website.

All features of the website can be accessed with the basic account as the website is 100% free to use, unlike most dating websites that require paid premium subscriptions. The site also seems to be highly optimized for international users as you can select multiple interface languages right off the bat from the Home page of the website. At the moment they seem to be pushing for more subscriptions by providing all features for the free accounts which might change later. Also, you’ll be needing to make an email confirmation for signing-up.

The signup process on Thai flirting is a bit of a lengthy process as registration form also include data fields for profile information details in a 7-step process. However, other than the first page of the online registration form, the rest of them are skippable and can be completed later on from your profile information section. The signup page has 8 fields that are required to be filled up before you can access your profile. One nifty signup feature is that you’re required to enter a username which provides a good level of anonymity for users from the get-go.

The UIX of the profile homepage for Thai Flirting is unconventional but effective not only because of the site’s bold used of bright orange and chocolate brown for a dramatic effect. The user notifications pop up right below the navigation bar making them easy to read at a glance and prioritize which ones you want to respond to first. The different Homepage elements such as profile, Quick Search and recommended members are meticulously organized in box formations.

The Profile box on the home page can be viewed once you log in. There is a profile strength indicator below the profile picture that encourages users to put in as many details as possible on the profile information page accessible by the My Profiles tab. The Recommended box contains filtered recommendations done by profile matchmaking with other members. Messages can be viewed by the My Mailbox tab. Users can check their recent activities by clicking on the Lists tab.

Thai Flirting currently has no premium membership options. This means all interaction options with other members such as messaging, chatting, sending gifts and more can be done from the get go making it very appealing to get a membership right away.


I would highly recommend this site to those genuinely interested in hooking up with Thai chicks. Unlike most free websites which don’t have a good design aesthetic, the smart look and features are making it increasingly popular among young Thai’s as well as foreigners. The email confirmation ensures the presence of very few scammers on the site.