ThaiFriendly Review

ThaiFriendly Review has been one of the largest growing Thai dating sites in 2018. Here in our in-depth review of, we’ll help you figure out whether it’s worth the hype or just another flashy dating site charging you heftily to waste your time trying to chat up scam profiles.

So why would you bother signing up on Because it has the second largest user-base among established and verified Thai dating sites with over 1 million subscribed users, lagging only behind You can find all types of Thai women looking to find a date on, starting from the cute and shy ones to the wild, party-loving types.  So, whether you’re looking forward to dating a girl for a wild and fun weekend vacation or trying to find your true love through long-term dating, you’re bound to run into someone your type here.

But like any other dating sites, it’s up to you to figure out whether that sweet Thai chick you’re flirting with is really into you or just another gold-digger looking for unlimited access to your credit card. While a large majority of the Thai women on this website is based in Bangkok, you’ll also find a lot of women from Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, and most other Thai tourist destinations.

What kind of girls will you be running into?I got the vibe that Thai women are REALLY interested in foreign men within 48 hours of signing up for Within this short space of time, I had over 30 messages and 10 interests from girls in who had verified profiles (just to make sure I checked their profiles and they all looked genuine).

At first, it seemed too good to be true. I mean sure, I have had my fair share of luck with women but this level of response was a bit unprecedented for me. But then it hit me a single Caucasian guy in his early thirties looking for casual dating and fun was going to be the obvious choice for any Thai girl looking for a short romance signed up here who’s not on Tinder as like most dating sites, the number of women on this site is a lot more than the number of males.
So I decided to mix things up a bit and see what are the prospects of finding someone for long-term dating.

I changed up priorities in my profile from fun and casual dating to romance and marriage. And guess what? The number of chicks hitting me up with messages and showing interest in me trickled down to almost half which is reassuring to me; even if you’re not up for cheap thrills, the chances of finding a decent romantic Thai girl to date is still almost 50/50 which is very good considering the fact that in most Thai dating sites, even among the well-established ones, most girls are looking for no strings attached fun.
Most of the girls I ran into here had decent English and actual jobs, which meant I could talk freely with them without worrying these girls are just looking for someone to pay their bills in exchange for sleeping with them. I really enjoyed chatting with some of these girls as they had varied interests and hobbies that I found fun or could relate with easily.

After spending a few weeks on this site and interacting with the female members, I had a rough idea about the different percentage of general demographics of the girls. Based on my experience I would say 50-55% of the girls are the real deal looking for casual or serious romantic encounters, while 30-35% are professional escorts or bargirls looking to make a fun time on the side. A few of them turned out to be ladyboys as well, but that percentage is very minimal.

With the query of the quality of girls you’ll be meeting here settled, let’s tackle the next big question; is legit enough to be worth your while in the long run?


Is worth your while?
Look, is officially recognized as the second largest Thai dating site after, so the user base of over a million members alone is argument enough to sign up on this site whether your looking for long or short-term romantic engagements with beautiful Thai ladies. There’s always a large number of girls available online for a chat any given time of the day (4000 on average from my time spent on the site)

Unlike most scam or new Thai dating sites where most of the girl’s profiles you come across are in their early twenties,’s female user base is quite varied with gorgeous and sophisticated Thai women in their thirties and forties looking for a date, making it easy to find genuine long-term romantic partners who can pull their own weight on a date. It has come a long way from the days of its initial launch when it had the reputation for strictly being a hook-up site.
Another important feature that solidifies the site’s legit status is the free messaging feature available to the user immediately as soon as a profile is opened.  Though this feature is limited until you opt for a paid subscription, this really raises the bar for other dating sites as at no point I felt compelled to whip out my credit card just to verify whether the website is the real deal or not which is a big plus in my book. Add to that the fact that it doesn’t advertise itself as a 100% free site like most of its peers and I rest my case.

I think the main reason the site works so well is that is because of the integrated language feature of the website. Since most Thai people have limited English skills, this software whatever you type in English on the other end and vice-versa when the girl on the other end responds to your message in Thai. This awesome feature goes a long way to lift the communications barrier put up by language.
All these features work together to put together a cohesive online dating experience built up by an enthusiastic team and community that can stand toe to toe with many of the flashier international dating sites like Tinder.

Pricing For Premium Membership on Thaifriendly
As I mentioned, one of the best features for Thaifriendly is that with the free membership account you can send messages from the get-go. However, if you want to use the instant messenger or interact with the other female members by showing interest or giving gifts, you’ll have to go for the upgraded membership options that are available. As of now, Thaifriendly has 4 payment options for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1-year membership within a very reasonable price range; the 1-year membership will only cost you about $200, making the pricing very competitive on the Thai dating sites scene.
Once you opt for paid membership you get a lot of benefits and features other than just instant chatting; you get featured on the profile home page of female members, can check who interacted with your profile or not and can view profile information of other users that are restricted for free users.

Getting Started On Thaifriendly
So, how do you get started on the second largest Thai dating website? The process is very simple and cut-and-dried; all you have to do is follow the simple steps outlined below and you’ll be chatting up pretty Thai babes in no time!
1.         Signup on Thaifriendly: To open an account, you have to first signup as a free user on the site. Once the homepage appears, you’ll see the tab for opening up a new account right in the middle of the page. Just click on it and you’ll be redirected to the registration form for the site where you’ll have to fill up the regular fields for email address, personal details and more. It’s a 3 step form, so it might take a bit of time if you’re not good at typing on your phone. Once you’re done with the registration, you need to verify by email to log into your profile homepage.
2.         Make a complete profile: Thaifriendly isn’t one of those hack dating sites where you can get away by barely putting information on your profile. Almost all of the girls here are real, so unless you want to appear as a scam profile, ensure your Thaifriendly profile is at least as detailed and colorful as your other social media profiles. But up a nice profile picture and fill in all the required fields to the girls can filter and find you easily even if you’re not on their homepage.

3.         Upgrade your profile and reach out to pretty Thai babes: Once you’re done with setting up your profile, it’s time to get the show on the road. But to get it on the road at full pace, you should upgrade your profile for the premium membership (I would recommend the 3 months one) because without the instant messaging and unlimited message features you’re not going to make much headway in meeting women on this site.

The Pros and Cons of Thaifriendly
Now that all the analysis of the details of the site has been discussed, let’s focus on the pros and cons of Thaifriendly so you can decide yourself whether signing up and spending your hard-earned money on this premium Thai dating website will be worth your while.

1.         The second-best Thai dating site to meet women, second only to Thaicupid.
2.         Highly competitive prices that justify every cent charged.
3.         Women of all ages are on this site.
4.         Easy and quick sign-up and verification process that can be completed in minutes.
5.         The UI is very user-friendly and snappy, making for an excellent browsing and interaction experience with other members.
6.         Messaging feature available with free membership, though it’s limited to 1 message every 15 minutes.

1.         While the site has its fair share of girls looking for a wild weekend or a one night stand, you’ll find that most of the girls hitting you up are looking for marriage or a substantial relationship. So if you’re looking for a hookup as opposed to a date you might want to check out other dating sites.
2.         The website design is a bit dated and could use a more interactive makeover.

Personal Opinion
After regularly using the site for two months, I can say I heartily recommend Thaifriendly to anyone looking to meet the Thai girl of their dreams. Whether you’re staying in Thailand or flying in for a trip, you’ll most definitely have a chance to meet friendly and smart Thai women who may very well one day become your girlfriend or wife. This is a decent dating site for decent men and women, so if you’re looking for something similar in the lines of an escort service, look somewhere else. Many of the female members also live in many of the remote areas, but don’t let that fool you; Thai culture is one of the most fast-paced Asian cultures that have kept up with the western world and most of these girls are as smart and datable as the average European or American chick. The only reason you shouldn’t signup on Thaifriendly is if the more expensive membership option from Thaicupid is more preferable for you.