ThaiLadyDateFinder Review

ThaiLadyDateFinder Review

Though this dating site came out very recently, it has the all the elements that make some of the best dating sites standout. The site still doesn’t have many features that make it a standout, but this site has seen a surge in popularity in recent months thanks to the hardworking development and customer service team.

The signup process is simplified with very few fields and starts from the website homepage. Once you fill in the homepage details, you have to fill another form with 4 fields after which you have to go through the email confirmation process to activate your profile. Alternatively, you can also signup using your Facebook info as signup as well which makes setting up your profile much easier.

The website layout is very basic with a cream on a white colored theme that looks simple at first glance, but you’ll appreciate the subtle way the different segments of the homepage are distinguished using gray borders and blue text.  On the profile homepage, you’ll find the Navigation Bar at the top. Below it on the left side is your profile picture. Incidentally, without uploading your profile picture you cannot activate your profile only with email confirmation as it’s also part of the confirmation process. Below your profile picture, you’ll a box with a Credit Points and Free Pass points. This is a unique twist to the websites pricing model to which we’ll get to later. Below this is a list your activities and other member’s interactions with your profile through the Mix and Mingle section.

The Quick search option is limited to a simple search tab below the right side of the navigation panel and can only be used to search up for members with names. The center and top of the screen have all the profile information and edit option. Below it is the Featured Users section where you can see the top-rated female members. has a one of a kind pricing system when it comes to dating sites. It doesn’t feature the usual membership subscription feature common in dating sites. Instead, it focuses on Credit Point purchase with real cash which can be used to interact with the different features of the site. Each feature such as Messaging and Video Chats require a different amount of website credits. Currently, there are 3 currency bundle options which can be viewed using the Upgrade tab from the navigation bar.


I would recommend simply based on its pricing premises. You’re never pushed to spend large chunks of money on features you would probably never use. Instead, you have the flexibility to spend how much you want for the features you’re using. Highly recommended.